Friday, November 28, 2014

The lonliness of the non-distance runner...

Training for an endurance event is hard.

Up to train at the crack of dawn, away most Sunday mornings and the occasional hard slog of late night efforts after a hard day's work at the office all take their physical and mental toll on you over time.

But what's even worse than training hard? Not being able to train at all.

It's been three or four weeks since my last run or swim and I'm now chomping at the bit to get back on it. Plantar fasciitis (a sore foot to you) followed by a bad cold and a chesty cough have kept me indoors on these increasingly cold, increasingly dark and increasingly wet mornings, but I'm still raring to go.

After one easy 17 mile cycle a fortnight ago put me in bed for 24 hours, two weeks before my second Duathlon of the winter I'm cautious about getting back in the saddle, but I reckon I'm 95% ready as things stand today.

Roll on Sunday morning. I can't wait.

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